FAQ for Consultation on the Local Plan for Epsom and Ewell

Epsom Ewell Local Plan

We have added an FAQ page on our web site to give guidance on the consultation process that has been launched for the Local Plan for Epsom and Ewell.

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Horton Farm

The Frequently Asked Questions include those listed below.

What is the Greenbelt and why should it be protected?

Are there exceptional circumstances that require building on the Greenbelt now?

Were Clarendon Park, Livingstone Park, and Manor Park built in the Greenbelt, and if so, what’s different about these proposals?

There’s an area of Greenbelt on the Local Plan map that isn’t on the Priority Development list of 9 sites, does this mean it is safe from development?

Does the Draft Local Plan meet the need to supply affordable housing for lower paid workers and the homeless?

Is it permissible to submit a Local Plan which doesn’t meet the full housing need calculated under the government’s ‘Standard Method’, and can it be approved?

I heard that the Government is going to abolish the mandatory housing target and no longer require Local Authorities to review Green Belt for housing. Is this true?

The roads into Epsom are already overcrowded, particularly at peak times. What are the plans to address the additional traffic from all the new housing?

I see there are plans to build new sites for Gypsies / Travellers. How many will there be and where will these be located?

Does the Borough have to build houses on Greenbelt Land to meet the housing target?

The Ashley Centre Local Plan display states that development will be ‘Located away from areas of flood risk’. How has Horton Farm been selected for development as it regularly gets flooded?

I’m told the Council has spent £1m on preparing this plan. Would it be expensive to change direction now?

How can I help stop the destruction of the precious Greenbelt?

Flood Risk at Horton

Frequently Asked Questions on Local Plan for Epsom and Ewell

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