1. Contact your local ward’s Councilors, as they are your representatives and are elected by you

Find out who are your Councilors here

2. EEBC Licensing and Planning Policy Committee

They are the committee of councilors who are directly responsible for advising and approving the Local Plan

Councillor Steven McCormick (Chair), 01372 579 164,
Councillor Peter O’Donovan (Vice-Chair),07931 130902, po’
Councillor Steve Bridger, 07873 150268,
Councillor Neil Dallen MBE, 01372 732793,
Councillor Liz Frost, 01372 720430,
Councillor Rob Geleit, 07791 519048,
Councillor Julie Morris, 07773924175,
Councillor Barry Nash, 07836 555888,
Councillor Phil Neale, 07711 716255,
Councillor Peter Webb, 07941 231072,

3. Full List of EEBC Councilors

The excel below contains the full list of councillors. You can either email to the all of them, or filter by Ward or Licensing and Policy Committee instead.

4. You should also write to EEBC Local Planning Officers

LPA/Planning Officers prepared all documentations, draft the Local Plan for Councillors to approve.

For Regulation 18 Consultation, you must write to to formally send in your response.

Victoria Potts   Head of Planning,,

Harry Burchill Principal Planning Policy Officer   01372732399

Ian Mawer   Planning Officer

Wai-Po Poon   Planning Officer