The consultation on the Draft Local Plan is open for comments until midnight on 19 March 2023. It is vital that you respond to the consultation as this is the only way in which your views can be taken into account.

The Council’s guidance is:

  1. Clearly identify the policy or proposal you are talking about – try to reference the policy or paragraph number
  2. If you want to see something changed, be specific about why and put forward your own alternative if you can.
  3. Keep your comments simple and present them in a logical order.
  4. Concentrate on the planning issues (known as material considerations). Your local knowledge is invaluable but all non-planning issues such as disruption during construction or local property prices, cannot be considered.
  5. Support your comments with statements from other planning documents, such as national policy, other local planning policies or relevant technical papers.
    In order to assist you in responding, below are some example documents.

If using any of the documents below for your own response, please ensure that you tailor them so you are comfortable that they represent your own, personal views.

All responses should be sent by email to:
Or by post to: Planning Policy, The Old Town Hall, The Parade, Epsom KT18 5BY