Public meeting on EEBC Local Plan on Monday 13th March 7pm

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Epsom and Ewell Times will chair a public meeting on EEBC Local Plan, featuring a panel of councillors and experts. PLEASE ATTEND:

When: Monday 13th March @7pm
Where: Wallace Fields Junior School, Dorling Drive, Ewell, Epsom KT17 3BH

More information is on the link below. Attendance can be registered and questions can be asked in advance.

Site SA8 – Priest Hill Sports Ground adjoining Ewell East Station

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Priest Hill Sports Ground
Three rugby pitches used by Sutton & Epsom RFC. Adjoining Ewell East Station, Cheam Road, Banstead Road. The information below has been extracted from Epsom & Ewell Draft Plan, Planning for Places section, from page 100. Full details are on the link below.

Volunteers are required for leaflet drops in the area around Priests Hill Sports ground. Please contact

Site SA8: Land adjoining Ewell East Station (Greenfield)

What is the site to be allocated for?

4.66 The site is allocated for a residential led development, comprising:

  • At least 350 net zero carbon dwellings
  • Building heights up to 6 storeys
  • New local retail provision at ground floor
  • The re-provision of the playing pitches at Hook Road Arena

Summary reason for allocation

4.67 The site will contribute towards meeting the need for housing in the borough and ancillary community infrastructure.
4.68 The site has well defined boundaries and lies adjacent to existing residential areas and adjoining Ewell East railway station, creating a suitable context for residential development and lowering the risk of adverse landscape impacts. The site is also in relatively close proximity to local services and facilities and to bus and rail transport connections. Vehicular access can be achieved without detriment to the character of the local area.

When will the site be developed?
4.69 It expected that a planning application will be submitted in the middle of the plan period with development likely to start by 2031 once new sports pitches have been provided.

Key information

  • LAA Reference: NON013
  • Site size: 8.63 ha
  • Ward: Nonsuch
  • Existing use: Sports pitches and open space

Site Constraints and Mitigation

  • Development proposals must identify ways of improving pedestrian access to Ewell East Station and maximise the linkages between the site and surrounding area, and provide opportunities for walking and cycling.
  • The design of development would need to minimise impacts on Priest Hill Nature Reserve (Site of Nature Conservation Importance (SNCI)) located on the Southern Boundary of the site.
  • Part of the site to the east along Cheam Road is within Flood Zone 3. Any development proposal will need to take this into account.
  • The development proposal will need to work with the topography of the site to ensure that visual impacts of development are minimised.

Specific Infrastructure Requirements
4.70 Provision of new retail unit(s) to provide convenience retail to meet local needs.
4.71 The loss of playing pitches will require reprovision at the Hook Road Arena site (Policy SA9). The developer will be expected to re-provide the playing pitches off site prior to development commencing to ensure that the scheme is acceptable in planning terms.

4.72 The site is confirmed as available.

4.73 The site is in single ownership and the developer of this site is promoting it for redevelopment.
4.74 A Local Plan viability assessment has been prepared to support the draft Local Plan. The initial findings of this work indicate that the development of this site is viable when taking account of potential sales values and costs associated with development (including the provision of affordable housing). Further detailed viability work will be undertaken as the Local Plan progresses.
4.75 The site is considered to be developable as it is in a suitable location for housing development, the site is confirmed as available and could be viably developed at the point envisaged.

Priest Hill Sports Ground, Cheam Road, Ewell