Please Vote for a Better Future on 4th May

In the next 4 years, Epsom and Ewell will produce the Local Plan which will decide on the major housing developments for the next 20 years. Our campaign had so far uncovered profound issues with Council’s planning policy, leadership, management, budgeting and spending. Therefore, it is crucial that you vote this Thursday to help shape a better future for Epsom and Ewell, for you and for the future generations.

First of all, Resident’s Associations have been governing EEBC for the past 87 years with absolute majority. They have been tasked with creating a Local Plan for the last 8 years, however, after spending over £1 Million pounds, EEBC is still one of the last few Councils in the whole country which have not yet produced a sound plan. This put EEBC in a very vulnerable position from opportunist developers. Whose fault is this and who should be held accountable?

Secondly, monopoly won’t work with democracy. Depending on which ward you live in, each person can vote for 2 or 3 candidates on the ballot paper. You don’t have to vote for 1 single political party. Look at the results in your ward last time, and research each candidate carefully (LinkedIn, news, website, blogs, Companies House etc). Vote for a diverse mix of councillors and a stronger opposition, so that important decisions can be properly debated and the opaque and secretive culture of the Council can be changed.

Thirdly, regardless of what party they represent, judge the candidates based on their individual’s merits and experience. What professional expertise, leadership, past experience that they can bring to the Council? What have they contributed in the past to the community and society?

We are facing an unprecedented climate crisis and drastic changes are needed to revert the situation. We need leaders who are forward-thinking and who understands technology, sustainability, ecology and biodiversity. You might be surprised that many of our current councillors simply would keep their ears shut when people try to explain what modern technology can achieve. Lack of knowledge and unwillingness to listen created a toxic culture that must be addressed before further harm is done to the Council and its residents.

Fourthly, please bear in mind that Starmer has announced that he will bring back the arbitrary and massively inflated housing target that Sunak abolished. For Epsom and Ewell, a town which had been over-built and over-populated for years and lack of infrastructure support, the impact this will bring would be disastrous.

Finally, please remember to bring a PHOTO ID, no photo, no vote.

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