Site SA5: Land at West Park Hospital, Epsom KT19

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The site for West Park Hospital is in West side of Epsom, KT19, between Christ Church Road and Horton Lane. The site is between Green Belt land at Epsom Common and Horton Country Park.

The hospital was slowly run down from the mid-1990s, and by 2003 most of the hospital was closed and derelict. In November 2010, demolition began of the former hospital buildings. As of April 2011, most of the central buildings had been cleared with only a limited number of wards, the water tower and administration building being retained for conversion to apartments. These were retained in the Noble Park housing development which was completed in April 2012.

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The information below has been extracted from Epsom & Ewell Draft Plan,
Planning for Places section, from page 98. Full details are on the link below.

What is the site to be allocated for?
4.38 The site is allocated for residential development, comprising:

  • approximately 150 dwellings
  • A target of 5% of homes to be provided through the provision of serviced plots of land for self-build and/or custom-build homes
  • Floorspace to support NHS services (if required)

Summary reason for allocation
4.39 The site will contribute towards meeting the need for housing in the borough.
4.40 The site comprises of two parcels north and south of existing West Park Hospital residential area. The areas are currently previously developed land within the Green Belt, consisting of buildings that are currently in use as part of the original West Park Hospital operation which are no longer fit for purpose.
4.41 The site lies adjacent to existing residential creating a suitable context for residential development and lowering the risk of adverse landscape impacts.

When will the site be developed?
4.42 It expected that a planning application will be submitted in the early part of the plan period with development likely to start by 2027.

Key information

  • LAA Reference: STA017 and STA018
  • Site size: STA017 (1.93 ha) and STA018 (3.11 ha)
  • Ward: Stamford
  • Existing use: West Park Hospital operations
Site of West Park Hospital, Epsom, KT19

Site Constraints and Mitigation

  • Northern parcel is adjacent West Park Conservation Area and Southern parcel is within the Conservation Area therefore any proposal should ensure it is sensitively designed to reflect the parkland setting
  • Maximise the linkages between the site and surrounding area; and provide opportunities for walking and cycling.
  • Development should not adversely affect the Protected Trees within and on the boundaries of the of the site.
  • Work with the topography of the site to ensure that visual impacts of development are minimised.
  • Development proposal to focus the built form to the north of the site to preserve the undeveloped (open) land to the south.
  • Any development proposal will need to incorporate mitigation relating to surface water flooding for those parts of the site that are susceptible.

Specific Infrastructure Requirements
4.43 The NHS may require the provision of some floorspace for healthcare needs, however there is currently no certainty as to whether there will be a need for such floorspace.

4.44 The site is available now.

4.45 The site is in single ownership.
4.46 A Local Plan viability assessment has been prepared to support the draft Local Plan. The initial findings of this work indicate that the development of this site is viable when taking account of potential sales values and costs associated with development (including the provision of affordable housing). Further detailed viability work will be undertaken as the Local Plan progresses.
4.47 The site is considered to be developable as it is located in a suitable location for housing development, the site is confirmed as available and could be viably developed at the point envisaged.

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