Save Epsom & Ewell Green Belt

Epsom and Ewell’s Green Belt, especially in areas like Downs Farm, Greater Horton Farm, Hook Road Arena is under GREAT threat, as EEBC Council is scheduled to finally publish its much delayed Local Plan on 1st February 2023. Local Residents heard authoritatively that these Green Belt lands would became “Preferred Options” to be advised to build thousands of houses on.

Research shown once Draft Local Plan is published, it would be extremely challenging to alter the Preferred Options. Therefore, PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION NOW ( to help stopping this before it is too late. ONCE IT’S GONE, IT’S GONE FOREVER

This would be an easier option for the Council to quickly meet a large portion of its target, but NOT a sustainable solution to meet the needs of Epsom Community. Why?

1. The housing target pushed top-down by Central Government is unrealistically high based on outdated 2014 ONS data and some inaccurate estimation. If EEBC challenged the numbers like Elmbridge did, then there will be no need to use Green Belt.

2. There are alternative brownfield plans which offer more affordable homes, together with town rejuvenation and employment opportunities. EEBC just received a £75,000 Government grant for brownfield development. Epsom urgently needs affordable homes in central easily accessible locations with superb transport links. However, it seems the current approach is largely based on land promoted by developers/land-owners. 

3. Out-of-town Green Belt area such as Downs Farm (110-acre open land on either side of College between Epsom and Nork) has no infrastructure (surgeries, schools, dentists are all oversubscribed), limited public transport subsequently adding hundreds more cars to the already congested and polluted roads which is certainly not a sustainable way for development. In addition, Downs Farm is adjacent to a Conservation Area which limited the type of houses can be built, and that won’t be affordable homes supporting young families and people look to down-size but stay in Epsom.

4. Developing the green and beautiful Green Belt with an abundance of wildlife (skylarks, deer, bats, hedgehogs, owls, woodpeckers and many more), will set the precedent of horrendously ripping up Epsom’s Green Belt, destroying biodiversity and the green space that is crucially needed right now with climate change, and changing Epsom into another over-developed urban town forever.

Please also register your objections to EEBC Licensing and Policy Committee (Contact Link here: and EEBC Local Plan officers:

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